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"An observation is that your wisdom is so great that when you answered their questions it provided them with a completely new angle to think about that issue.  Rather than sticking with status quo responses to society's challenges, you cause them to step back from traditional thinking and review the situation from a different perspective!  I could see their minds rolling with glee at the possibility of exploration for a new solution and unique way of looking at these issues."


"Thank you again for your wonderful work with the docents over the last two weekends – it was really a pleasure to be able to attend both sessions and to see how the docents responded to your excellent workshop.  You guys really prepared something wonderful for them and all of those docents who signed up while rolling their eyes, walked out of there excited and aware of the significance of what they’d just experienced."


"Your keynote session was highly rated. It set a frame for the rest of the conference. Thank you! "


"Thank you for the wonderful training you did with our staff! I truly appreciate your guidance throughout the process. Your demeanor puts everyone at ease, and your message is genuine. I had many teachers, both veteran and new to the profession, say how much they enjoyed the day! "


"I appreciate the way you guided me through the process.  I learned far more about myself, my abilities and ways to work through my challenges from our conversations and work together.  Thank you for always showing up."


"We were just talking about your work with the Board and how we noticed significant improvements in the way they conduct business."

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