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Our expertise is in organizational capacity building.  Our projects typically involve one or more of the following areas: strategic planning, fund development, board development, management/leadership coaching, enhancing team relations and conflict resolution.  We work with diverse groups, in diverse communities, and bring extensive experience and awareness of diversity dynamics in group processes.  We skillfully employ inclusive facilitation techniques and ensure all stakeholders are treated with respect.

What We


Training & Coaching


​We offer training and coaching on essential skills in a manner that remain resident with our clients  - to sustain and advance progress after our consultation concludes.



Strategic Planning


​We manage planning and change processes; including preparation of key documents, to ensure consistent forward movement, when it is not feasible for already busy staff and/or volunteers to absorb additional large-scale projects.



Conflict Resolution


​We develop multi-faceted interventions to respond to pressing issues and needs. We effectively work through conflict, while preserving positive relationships.

  • Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Harassment Prevention

  • Team Building

  • Managing Change

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Communication/Presentation Skills

Where We Work

United States



​Hong Kong


South Africa



​We conduct objective organizational assessments and data-driven benchmarking. Responding interventions included customized workshops, one-on-one coaching, team retreats, mediation, re-engineering process and procedures, and development of strategic plans. Recommendations and reports are offered to support forward movement.



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