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Featured Programs

This is an extraordinary moment in time. Challenged and inspired by calls for reckoning with injustices, disparities and divisions - we are compelled to respond.  The Aspire Group welcomes the opportunity to support individuals, organizations and communities with programs and services that meet the moment.  Here are a few programs we are currently delivering in many settings. 

Listening Sessions

These forums provide support for processing the social issues and complexities at play in our society.  We offer a safe space to hear and be heard. A solid design and skillful facilitation allow expression of both thoughts and emotions - without fear of judgment or attack.  It also allows for brave space to examine issues that represent challenges for individuals, groups and organizations as a whole.  As organizations seek to shape a vision for going forward - inspired by this moment - Listening Sessions offer a helpful means to garner input on hopes and expectations from your workforce and other stakeholders.

Implicit Bias

We explore persisting social injustices and how implicit bias exists as a root cause.  Even strong responses to acts of explicit racism, with horrific consequences, can leave implicit biases unchanged - causing injustices to reoccur time and time again. We go to a deeper and different level of understanding, supported by action steps that allow us to interrupt this cycle on a personal level.  Institutional and systemic bias are also addressed, along with and strategies for catalytic change.

Racial Equity

The DEI arena increasingly invites greater emphasis on racial equity.  However, to fully appreciate the significance of this paradigm shift more than just a basic understanding of the term is needed.  Our program does a deeper dive to uncover how "equity" applied broadly can yield some positive results, but fail to move the needle on racial disparities.  We offer an extensive exploration of the "theory of change" associated with work undertaken with a racial equity lens, and how this approach  interrupts other inequities as well. 

DEI Plans

A multi-phased,  intentional process of integrating DEI principles and practices into your inward-facing and outward-facing work.  Efforts include equipping your committee members with skills and strategies for ongoing DEI leadership in the organization.  Detailed implementation plans are developed to engage your broader staff, board, volunteers, and other stakeholders.

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