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Na'ilah Mu'ied, Associate

Nailah Muied.jpg

Na’ilah Mu’ied is a creative and intuitive professional whose life work revolves around the hands on study and application of the principles of Psychology, Education, and Spirituality as applied to human behavior and relationship.  She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Multi-Cultural Community Clinical Psychology, and a minor in Sociology.  She has over 15 years of experience working in educational, psychological, and non-profit settings as an Educator and Facilitator.  She has created a board game, written 5 books of poetry, and she is currently writing a book on a new paradigm for education.  As a world traveler she has directly experienced many diverse cultures and lifestyles.  In the last 5 years her work has taken her to 3 continents, 6 countries, at least 30 states, and countless cities.  While engaging in all of these activities Ms. Mu’ied has been successfully rearing two beautiful daughters.

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