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Gustavo Adolfo Guerra Vásquez, Associate

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Gustavo is a recognized leader on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  In his full-time work for Los Angeles County, GusTavo has supervised teams working on diversity, equity, inclusion including hate crime prevention, education, documentation, & response initiatives.  A native of Guatemala who came to Los Angeles at the age of eight, Mr. Guerra Vásquez ִhas lived in various parts of the greater Los Angeles area before settling in South Central Los Angeles. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz with Honors in the Major and College Honors.  GusTavo also went on to acquire a master’s degree, advancing to Ph.D. candidacy, at the University of California, Berkeley in Comparative Ethnic Studies with coursework in a Designated Emphasis on Women, Gender, and Sexuality.  Mr. Guerra Vásquez is trained in Advanced Conflict Mediation and has worked in diversity, equity and inclusion training and development for over twenty years.  His artistic and academic work has been published in poetic and academic anthologies.

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