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Elena Halpert Schilt, Associate

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Elena Halpert-Schilt recently retired from over 35 years working in social justice and maternal child health organizations In Los Angeles.  For for the last ten years she served as Assistant Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission, the county's designated advocate for social justice. She has continued that work as an advisor to the Commission and it’s partners, helping them collaborate to build fair and equitable practices in Los Angeles County, and as a volunteer for several similarly focused organizations. Elena has served on the Board of Directors of CoachArt, a nonprofit organization that provides free art and athletic lessons to children impacted by serious chronic illnesses, since 2003.  This is a post she accepted after her son became a CoachArt student while undergoing treatment for brain cancer.


Elena is currently dedicating her life to giving and receiving love and compassion, and to using her energy to help build equitable and loving systems in the world.  To that end she is spending as much time as possible with her family and friends, especially her greatest teachers, grandsons Connor and Finn.

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