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Amreen Karmali, Associate

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Amreen Karmali has been an educator and organizer for over 15 years. She has spent 10 years as a Middle School Science Teacher and holds a Masters in Education from CSULA in Science Education.  While teaching she also facilitated a Young Empowered Women's class and a Student Organizing class which melded her passions for all things justice oriented with her love for teaching.  


Recently, Amreen left the traditional classroom to start The RealTalk Project, where she combines her understanding of contemporary schooling with critical lens to provide educators and community members with spaces where they can tackle ways in which patriarchy, white supremacy and other forms of injustice manifest themselves in schools and relationships while working towards creating new ways of teaching and being together. She is also a founding member of The Peoples Education Movement - Los Angeles, and is passionate about spreading health, healing and joy to both her students and the community around her.

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